Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Erin & Joe|Celebrating

Chester, Va

I had the pleasure of being Erin & Joe's wedding photographer back in 2011. We have stayed in touch this whole time, seeing each other a couple times since.
Erin's mom reached out to me on facebook one day, she and Joe's mom wanted to surprise them with a photo shoot to mark the end of a big chapter in their lives. You see, on the same weekend Erin graduated from pharmacy school and Joe from law school. In addition to this, they sold their first home, were packing up a U-Haul and getting ready to embark on their new life in Tennessee. That's a LOT to celebrate!
So here we of them in their favorite rockers on the porch, on the bikes they ride, in the U-Haul partially packed, with their babies Beacon & Cayenne (I hope I spelled those right!!), with the new old Chevy, in their caps and gowns....and finally just ...them. Celebrating this beautiful life they are living and the love they share.

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