Hello there! Thanks for stopping by the blog. If you can't tell by looking through it, I'm not much of a blogger...one day I hope to be, but for now I will struggle along and post things now and then.

People often ask how I got into photography. It's funny to me that I never set out to do this professionally. It found me really. I like that. It feels meant to be.
I was a girl who could take good photos, people asked me to take some. I learned how to shoot manually so I could get the shot I saw in my head.....and then, I was a photographer. That's the short version :)

Some things about me:
-I just turned 30 and I'm super excited about it!
-I live in the country, surrounded by my family, Floyd Virginia is my home and it's one of the biggest blessings I can count in my life.
-I'm a major night-owl and apparently have been since birth according to mama. 
-I'm trying to be a runner. I have to walk a lot but I'm working on it! 
-I love cats, wine, good food, cooking, fresh flowers, BBC, freshly roasted and ground coffee, tea in all its forms, festivals, live music, traveling to new places no matter how close or far, random conversations with strangers, having an hour of peace & quiet with coffee and a book right after getting out of bed.
-Things I hate? fish and olives, sadly, trust me, I've tried. Cheap, sweet wine. Bad manners/rude people in general. The hours of my local post office. (Seriously don't get me started).

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